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1) Why did the group use OpenMosix instead of Beowulf?
We spoke about what we wanted to do with this project and never really came up with a single application or process to run. By doing so we decided to run OpenMosix which is a bit more open to applications that may not be uniform to a certain clustering software such as Beowulf.
2) What is the use of RADMIND over LDAP?
They have nothing to do with each other. RADMIND syncs the filesystems up with a master. LDAP is a dircetory protocol like Active Directory or NIS.
3) Will OpenMosix run Linpack?
To be honest at this point we are not sure. OpenMosix has support for MPI which is required for LinPack to run, but we are not sure how it will do. Linpack is a benchmarking tool used mostly with Beowulf clusters to show the performance of the cluster. Once we investgate the use of LinPack on an OpenMosix cluster we will update the FAQ's.